About Vaueo

Vaueo is focused on being environmentally friendly by increasing passenger comfort and reducing the emission of toxic substances and noise, affecting the environment. We provide an economically priced stator that can be disassembled before and after, easy to disassemble, high reliability, low cost.

Superior Engineering. Our focus is to provide you the highest quality eddy current retarder that exceeds your expectations by being one of the foremost and established Sino-foreign joint ventures focusing on the manufacturing of eddy-current retarders. It incorporates CONPOWER control systems in the production process and is the first to introduce the technology of eddy-current retarders from Spain, which has more than a half century of manufacturing expertise in the field.

Vaueo Retarders are used by an array of vehicles ranging from passenger to high-speed and all major public transportation automobiles. Since the launch of the first Vaueo Retarders, the company has made extensive strides in innovation and R&D. The firm’s latest products have improved and are now 20% lighter and have also achieved a higher level of reliability and an extended product lifespan.

Vaueo’s Retarders have over 10 years of proven track record for reliability in the market. This – coupled with excellent and unique state of the art manufacturing capabilities – has earned numerous accolades from the industry. The firm’s next 5-year plan is centered on continuous investment and focus on R&D to maintain its high level of commitment in servicing both existing and new clients and contributing to the further development of the transportation industry.

Safe and efficient, win-win cooperation

Safe, efficient, energy saving, environmental protection. As the core standards, the development of a modern enterprise management.  We set high standards, high demand, and establish and improve a strict and efficient factory organization and business processes.