What is the VAUEO eddy current retarder?

The eddy current retarder is a dynamic safety device for commercial vehicles. It is installed in the transmission system of the vehicle. Through the principle of eddy current in the rotor shaft rotation with the rotation of the opposite direction of the resistance makes the vehicle slow down, thereby enhancing the active safety of vehicles. It can be mounted at the rear of the transmission, between the drive shafts, or elsewhere.

The FV series mainframe is mounted on the rear of the transmission (eg FV16-320). The V series mainframe is mounted between the drive shafts (eg V16-380).

Because of the air gap between the rotor and the stator, it is fundamentally different from conventional braking systems that produce friction by friction with each other. It is also known as friction-free brakes. It can be used extensively on ramps, winding roads and freeways as well as on urban roads.
Use it to reduce the frequency of the use of the main vehicle brakes, thereby preventing the main brake temperature rising sharply. In emergency braking it can play the greatest effect, reducing vehicle braking distance and improving vehicle safety. It is used at the same time as the use of the brake to reduce the frequency it is used, thereby extending the life of the brake system and reducing the frequency of replacing vehicle parts. It reduces maintenance costs and downtime, in order to achieve safe operation and improve production efficiency. And at the same time increasing passenger comfort and reducing the emission of toxic substances and noise, affecting the environment.

Eddy current retarder host configured

The compact FV Series mainframe installed in the rear end of the gearbox is composed of two opposite sides of the stator and rotor pinwheel. Coupling flange and stators, mounted between the drive shaft V series host are in between the stator on both sides of the wind wheel rotor and the central axis and the stator. The stator and rotor are not in contact.

Master the basic principles of this product (Vaueo retarder) based on the eddy current principle. Due to the two metal rotor in the magnetic field generated by the movement of eddy current.

Formation of the magnetic field

By activation of the coils of an inductor nucleus with a continuous current, two magnetic circuits are created, which are closed together by the other two inductor nuclei which are nearest, in the following way:
The lines of force leave the N pole, pole plate, air gap, rotor1,airi gap, pole plate (nearest nucleus), pole S, pole N, pole plate, air gap, rotor2, air gap, pole plate and pole S.

The total maximum number of magnetic circuits is 8 because one of the two circuits which each coil (or inductor nucleus) creates is the same as that created by the other coil.

Eddy Current Formed

Eddy current is formed when a metal object is rotated in a magnetic field, to the left hand rule. In the rotor, the variables from the N pole to the S pole magnetic field aligns, forming a current. These currents, as shown, form a closed loop. We call this an eddy current.

Reverse torque is formed

Above the eddy current is generated when the direction of rotation of the rotor is opposite to produce torque.

When this product is used in commercial vehicles as an auxiliary brake, the braking power increases with the speed increase and the engine speed is not proportional. When the vehicle is stopped, the braking power is zero, so it can only act as an auxiliary brake, not a parking brake or an emergency brake.

In accordance with the principle of conservation of energy, the braking power in the form of heat through the rotor blades complete the conversion from mechanical kinetic energy to heat.

How to choose the right Vaueo retarder

Determine retarder installation location on the vehicle:
Select V or FV Series host based on the location of the installation
according to gross vehicle weight (G), tire rolling radius (r), rear axle reduction ratio (Ratio). Calculate the corresponding Maximum torque value (T) retarder. Theoretically, only the use of a retarder can take the vehicle deceleration up to 1m / s2;

The calculation formula:  1 = T * 9.8 * Ratio / G * r

Finally, determine whether there is enough space on the vehicle to install.